Tips and Recommendations for the First time visitors in Berlin

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 31, 2017
  3. Europe
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To take part in a Berlin travel tour to getting to know the historical sights and attractions, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, the Jewish Memorial, the site of Hitler’s bunker, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag building, Museum Island, Gendarmenmarkt, the New Synagogue, the Jewish Quarter, former Nazi government ministries, and the Tiergarten urban park. Tips and recommendations for the first time visitors in Berlin prepared.


The city´s most picturesque bridge

Formerly this iconic bridge marked the border between East and West and there was a time when it was closed to all civilians. The Cold War parties sometimes exchanged spies here. Today the bridge separates the districts of Kreuzberg and can be crossed by many means of transport (cars, metro, bike or walking).

Berlin´s Bazaar

Some might be tempted to call certain areas of Neukölln/Kreuzberg “Little Istanbul” because of its significant area of turkish population. One certainly can't help thinking of being in an authentic bazaar, walking across this fascinating, always packed street market - though it has the typical Berlin touch.

On the rooftop of parliament

Walking up the shiny dome of the German parliament is one of the best opportunities to enjoy a free panoramic view of central Berlin. On top of Germany's centre of political power you have great looks of e.g. Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz and the Holocaust Memorial.


Fancy Fishtank Elevator

"Hey, wanna see a huge fishtank" - might as well serve as a very outworn pick-up line, yet in this case we are indeed talking about a huge fishtank. 25 metres high, 12 metres wide and hosting about 1.500 fish. Plus an elevator on its inside.

Coolest Abandoned spot in Berlin

Located in the Grunewald Forest the abandoned Spy Station has great views of Berlin, some amazing street art and interesting history. Teufelsberg is one of the most unique spots in Berlin. The spy station was made in the 20 years following World War 2 on top of 75 million tonnes of rubble moved from Berlin.

The forest is also great for hiking. The Spy station has some amazing photo opportunities, so its great for photographers. Also check out the huge Sand dune near by called the 'NSG Sandgrube'. Take the S9/ S75 to Heerstraße, or S1 to Grunewald and walk through the forest from there.