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  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 24, 2017
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Since the Summer holiday is coming, I am interested in planning a trip to the East Coast of USA for a month during the holidays (July-August) and i was wondering if other tourists could give me any suggestions about costs and how practical my plan is. I got lots of useful information about the East Coast tours and tips to the US East Coast from many different friends online. And here I'd like to share the experience with you.

As my plan, I'm going to fly from London to New York around mid-July and was hoping to stay there for around 6 nights. Then I'll be taking the Amtrak Railway Service to Philadelphia and will be staying there for 5 nights. Then from there, taking the train from Philadelphia to Washington DC (Amtrak) where i will be staying for 6 nights. Then from Washington to Toronto - where i will probably be staying over a friends for a week. Next from Toronto to Boston (I will probably have to change trains) - stay for 6 days. At the end, flying back to London from Boston

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I'll be getting my driver's license for UK this year so i probably wont be allowed to drive in USA so soon after, so my only option is railway to get from state to state. But apart from this, within the states, i will probably be using public transport. Is this a good idea? Is it safe for tourists?

I was wondering if food is expensive in USA/Canada - the places ive mentioned? As we're on a pretty tight budget, i was wondering how much on average would meals cost in a day? Are they safe places for a group of 2-4, 18 year olds? How much would transportation cost in each state? Approximately? As im not sure how the transportation system works.. Regarding tipping - how much do people generally tip? and when do they tip? Are the number of days i stay in each place enough? too little? too much?

East Coast Tours

You may also have lots of questions like me and the answer I got may useful for you too. Well, the subway system in NYC is perfectly safe cost is $2.25; like anything is life don't go flashing items you don't want stolen and be alert; you can access all the transportation listed from everyone in NYC, plus amtrak; I've used the megabus no problems love it, you get free wifi during your travel.

sometimes they offer a limited amount of EXTREMELY low fares like $2 a trip if you book far in advance. If you plan to take the bus you may want to grab any deals that you see for so cheap.