Things to Know Before Visiting Germany

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 25, 2018
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

We talk about the things to know before visiting Germany here. Germany, an ancient region with more to do than one can imagine. Don’t rush the country. Take your time. There’s a lot to see – and it’s all worth seeing.


Food in Germany is very cheap (and hearty). You can eat out from outdoor vendors for around 2-4 EUR (great sausages and bratwurst). Meals at many of the beer halls around the country cost only 9-15 EUR.Pre-made sandwiches cost around 5 EUR. Fast food (think McDonald’s) will cost around 7 EUR. Beer usually costs 4-5 EUR for a nice pint. If you eat in the beer halls, a traditional German meal plus a beer will cost around 14 EUR. Turkish, middle eastern, and Asian food can be found for as little as 5 EUR, while a nicer meal at a sit-down restaurant will cost just over 20 EUR. If you plan on cooking for yourself, a week’s worth of groceries will cost around 35-65 EUR.


High-speed trains, which are popular in Germany, are very expensive — Berlin to Munich can cost over 180 EUR! Most of the other (slower) intercity trains cost between 40-70 EUR for a second class ticket. It’s cheaper to take a slow regional train or overnight bus. Most intercity bus tickets cost between 15-30 EUR. In Germany, the earlier you book tickets, the cheaper it is so if you have set dates, don’t wait! For public transportation, city transit systems are reliable and cost around 1-3 EUR per single ticket, though you can usually find day-passes that will get you a better rate. If you want to explore via bicycle, most cities offer daily rentals for around 18 EUR.


Museums cost between 1-15 EUR. Bike tours and river cruises can cost 24-40 EUR. Most city tours are between 12-25 EUR. Renting a bike costs about 18 EUR per day, though prices will vary in each city.