Things to Do in Milan:Top Tourist Attractions

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 24, 2017
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Here are the top things to do and top tourist attractions in Milan,Italy.You'll find most of these places located on our Milan Transportation Map showing the three Metropolitan lines and major stops of interest to the tourist.

Things to Do in Milan

Hop on(and have dinner)on a tram

Synonymous with the city and a piece of living history,Milan’s original yellow and orange 1920s and 1950s trams have varnished wooden seats and iconic fluted glass lampshades.Today,the city’s rolling stock also includes 1970s models and the new-fangled,dark green‘caterpillars’–but for a taste of the original version,hop aboard the number 1,taking in some of Milan’s most symbolic monuments as you go.Alternatively,book an evening ride on ATMosfera,a vintage tram serving up dinner with wine,run by the ATM transport authority.

Step into a time capsule at Villa Necchi Campiglio

Far from the madding crowds on Milan’s thronging streets,the beautifully-preserved 1930s Villa Necchi Campiglio transports visitors into another world–where glamour,good manners and immaculate taste reigned supreme.The backdrop to the 2010 film‘I Am Love’,starring Tilda Swinton,the house contains original 1930s furniture by architect Piero Portaluppi and wardrobes still crammed with the former owners’fabulous designer clothes.Take a tour,then relax in the garden cafébeside the outdoor swimming pool.

Things to Do in Milan

Visit some classic art galleries…

Thanks in part to Napoleon,who dumped much of his northern Italian loot here,the Pinacoteca di Brera contains one of the most important art collections in Italy.Treasures include the eerily realistic Dead Christ by Mantegna,and Supper At Emmaus by Caravaggio.Smaller but with works every bit as important,the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana houses The Musician,an early painting by Leonardo da Vinci,and a lock of Lucrezia Borgia’s strawberry blonde hair.