Things To Do In Berlin,Berlin Activities Guides

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  2. On Oct 31, 2017
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Experience Berlin caught in the throes of Nazi megalomania,walk through a capital cut in two by the Cold War,marvel at the might of Prussia,explore hidden pathways in the former Jewish quarter,and learn how the traumatic legacy of the 20th century is weaved into the city’s fabric today.Following our Berlin activities guides to learn the information about the things to do in Berlin.

Things To Do In Berlin

Documentary centre of Nazi crimes

Topography of Terror is a free exhibition about police and state terror during the Nazi regime.On the site of the former Central Police Office of the Third Reich there’s a documentation centre which provides insightful information about the crimes committed by police and the SS in Germany and throughout Europe.

Street art condensed

Berlin is full of graffiti and most locals see it not as a nuisance but rather as an art form.In this piece of wall you see some of the most prominent icons literally drawn together in one place.The graffiti is set on the walls of Friedrichshain arthouse cinema Intimes.

Things To Do In Berlin

East Berlin's lost world theme park

Once upon a time,there was a huge amusement park along the river Spree.If you follow the Spree past the‘Insel der Jugend’in Treptower Park,you will all of a sudden see dinosaurs,weird creatures,pieces of fairground rides and finally a ferris wheel peeking out behind fences and trees that have grown to reclaim the abandoned amusement park.

an unexpected oasis

This huge area contains several smaller"theme parks"such as Japanese Garden,Oriental Garden,Bible Garden,Renaissance Garden,etc.You can see typical plants and flowers from these regions.Also,there is a labyrinth and during summer concerts take place and several festivals such as Chinese New Year or Japanese cherry blossom festival.