It's a miracle that such a genuine,friendly and tasty family-run trattoria could exist within shouting distance of the Pantheon,and a miracle too that they are constantly chasing quality rather than resting on their laurels.The special Rome restaurants you should take your child and your family to experience:

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Il Pagliaccio

Anthony Genovese is a strong contender for Rome's most talented chef.And a major plus point of the serenely welcoming restaurant he presides over is that it's in the heart of the centro storico-and not attached to a hotel.Genovese has worked in the Far East and on the Amalfi Coast,and there are influences of both in his playful but technically impeccable cuisine.Not least in his talent for presentation:I'm not one for food photos,but it's all I can do not to whip out my iPhone when the tortelli filled with anchovies and broad beans arrive on the table-three jaunty little boats on a foamy green sea.It all tastes pretty good too,and with the help of sommelier Matteo Zappile and pastry chef Marion Lichtle,Genovese has covered all the bases.To eat here at a(relative)discount,come at lunch,when there's a€75 tasting menu.

Address:Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129a,00186

Contact:0039 06 6880 9595;

Getting there:bus to Corso Vittorio Emanuele II(multiple services)or Via Giulia(116)

Opening times:Tue,7.30pm-10.30pm;Wed-Sat,12.30pm-2pm,7.30pm-10.30pm

Price:lunch and dinner around€135;lunch tasting menu€75,dinner tasting menus€130 and€150

Payment type:credit cards accepted