The Performing Arts in Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jan 16, 2018
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Cover the classics—the Mona Lisa,Notre Dame,and the Arc de Triomphe—or grab a baguette,camembert cheese,and champagne for a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower.With so many performing arts in Paris,there are no mistakes here.

The Performing Arts in Paris

While Paris isn’t a 24-hour town like some international capitals,and many neighborhoods may seem pretty quiet after sundown,there are still plenty of places to go if you are ready for a night out.So whether you’re planning to hit the most happening clubs or happy with a 3€beer in a student bar in the Latin Quarter,we’re here to help you find your way.On this site is a biased selection of some of the better ways to spend your Parisian evening.

Finding Out What’s On

Paper magazine listings are dwindling,but for up-to-the-minute dates and schedules for what’s happening in music,theater,dance,and film,you can still pick up the weekly l’Officiel des Spectacles(1€),a comprehensive listing of weekly events.also has a weekly pull-out listings guide,complete with reviews.Both come out on Wednesdays and are available at any newsstand.

Online,Pariscope has excellent listings,as does l’Officiel des Spectacles and Télérama.All three sites are in French only.By the way,if you see a sign at a theater or on an events website that says location,that means“box office,”not location.

GETTING TICKETS:Many hotels will help you get tickets,and most venues have a reservation link on their websites,but the easiest way to buy tickets is at Fnac,the giant bookstore/music chain that has one of the most comprehensive box offices in the city(follow the signs to the“Billeterie”).