The Grand Canyon For Kids, Travel Around Grand Canyon

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 3, 2017
  3. North America
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Travel around Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon tours guides for kids, guide you and your family maintain the Grand Canyon vacation easier.

Travel Around Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon – arguably North America’s most recognizable landmark – gets a detailed treatment in this issue. It all starts with the Colorado River, which turned from a simple stream into a mighty canyon carver over time – and which continues to deepen the canyon inch by inch over the eons.

The Grand Canyon, for kids who like stories, tells an engrossing tale of how scientists can read the canyon’s exposed layers like a history book, with each level providing a remarkable record of the planet during that period. Then, kids can take a tally of the various plants that flourish in the Canyon’s highest reaches, with their almost-Arctic climate, or the ones on the dry and desert-like valley floors.

For centuries, people have also made the Grand Canyon their home: Kids can read about the Anasazi, who lived in masonry dwellings high on cliff faces, and the Havasupai, who lived in rock shelters and brush wickiups. And don’t forget the amazing array of creatures found in the Canyon, including the massive California condor, the agile bighorn sheep, and six kinds of scorpions!

Travel Around Grand Canyon

Then, learn about Major Powell’s nearly failed trip in a section on the explorers of the Grand Canyon. For kids with a penchant for the outdoors, descriptions of the various ways people hike, bike, and raft the Canyon are sure to get their motors running.

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