The Best Travel Experiences in Prague with kids

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 12, 2017
  3. Europe
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We share the best travel experiences in Prague with kids with you here.The weird and witty sculpture of DavidČernýpunctuates Prague's public spaces,and the city itself offers a smorgasbord of stunning architecture,from the soaring verticals of Gothic and the exuberance of baroque to the sensual elegance of art nouveau and the chiselled cheekbones of cubist facades.


Funicular Railway and Petrin Tower

The Funicular Railway runs from the Lesser Town to the top of Petrin Hill.On the side of Petrin Hill is a park and wooded areas.At its summit are landscaped gardens and several attractions to visit.

Foremost is the Petrin Observation Tower,which visitors can climb for a terrific view over the city.There are also cafes,a hall of mirrors,and an observatory;the observatory has a small museum,and visitors can view the sun or the planets through the telescope.

The ride on the funicular is an excursion in itself,but add in the nature,the views and the attractions of Petrin,and it makes for a good trip all year round.