The best theatre shows in London

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 7, 2017
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Your comprehensive guide to the best of London,the best theatre shows in London.

The best theatre shows in London

The Children

Until Sat Jan 14

Two retired nuclear scientists,isolated from a crumbling world,are disturbed by the arrival of a friend,in the latest work from Lucy Kirkwood.

Why go?We don’t know much about it at all,but Kirkwood’s last play,‘Chimerica’,was a work of bona fide genius.It’ll be extremely exciting to see what she does next.

Buried Child

Until Sat Mar 4

Ed Harris stars in a revival of Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer-winning breakthrough play about an impoverished American farming family with dark secrets.

Why go?I mean,did you think you were ever going to see Ed Harris on the West End stage?The play’s a classic,and this production got super reviews when it played on Broadway at the start of the year.

The best theatre shows in London

Nice Fish

Until Sat Feb 11

The great Mark Rylance takes a break from being a film star to bring this oddball autobiographical comedy,which he wrote with poet Louis Jenkins,to London after a run on Broadway.

Why go It’s Mark bloody Rylance,on a stage.Nobody should pass that up.Plus there are free tickets if you dress as a fish(seriously).

Given it substantially consists of short poems,‘Nice Fish’hangs together remarkably well as a story of two old friends on a strained midlife bonding trip.Rylance is utterly magnificent as the hapless,red-nosed,slightly douchebaggy Ron,who chugs Bud,falls over a lot and conspicuously fails to try and catch fish as he drunkenly mumbles Jenkins’s oblique little observations.As the much more earnest Erik,Jim Lichtscheidl is inevitably overshadowed by Rylance.But he’s an effective straight man,and he gets a couple of showstopper moments:a wonderfully bizarre poem/story about meeting his Swedish family,and the point when he finally loses his shit with Ron.