The Best Tastings Travel in Paris,Private Paris Food Tour

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 6, 2017
  3. Europe
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If you're like us,you'll want to get even deeper into Parisian food culture.And,since we love special attention,we love this private food tour in the most picturesque market district of Paris.And we'd like to share the best tastings travel in Paris,private Paris food tour with you.

The Best Tastings Travel in Paris

Walk with your gourmet guide and food expert through one of the hottest food neighborhoods in Paris,Aligre,where you stop at specialty shops to sample ten of the most iconic foods of France—from baguettes to cheeses to macarons.It all kicks off in this vibrant market at one of the most popular oyster bars in the city.

This is a wonderful,fun introduction to the products that make Paris and France food-famous.We love this quartier and the stores here,especially the cheese shop.You'll really enjoy yourself.

Behind the Scenes in a Paris Boulangerie

Imagine studying for seven years so you could work from 4:30am to 9pm,six days a week.Well,that's the life of a Parisian baker,and probably helps to explain why the bread is so consistently good wherever you go in Paris.

This tour takes you behind the scenes at an authentic Parisian boulangerie where you'll learn the secrets of making those great baguettes and many other aspects of French baking.There will be plenty of baguettes and croissants to taste.Eat bread,be happy.