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  2. On Jun 27, 2017
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San Francisco travel guide offered for self-driving travelers. From fine French dining to the best taqueria, here are 25 San Francisco restaurants everyone needs to visit. The best restaurants in San Francisco list here:

San Francisco Travel Guide


Chef Corey Lee, former chef de cuisine at the French Laundry, has created one of the most important fine dining restaurants in the country, earning three Michelin stars and an AAA Five Diamond rating through his intense focus, talent and pursuit of excellence. His inventive tasting menu is laced with Korean and Chinese influences and culinary references, like his famed xiao long bao (currently filled with lobster coral) and his version of a thousand-year-old quail egg. The custom dishes play a large part of the experience, with every detail of the guest’s meal carefully considered. The dining room has a minimalist style, forcing diners to really focus on the cuisine (which they naturally do anyway, as each course is so captivating). Wine pairings are a worthy investment, since beverage director Yoon Ha has plenty of fun tricks up his sleeve.


Three Michelin stars, a spot on the World’s 50 Best list and the most expensive tasting menu in San Francisco: those are the things most people know about this unique SoMa restaurant. Walking into the industrial space, your eyes will be naturally drawn to the open kitchen, full of cooks intently working at their stations. Chef Joshua Skenes understands luxury and is dedicated to the finest sourcing, but is not a fan of a stuffy dining room, so expect to feel relaxed and engaged during the meal. His contemporary and clean cooking has many Japanese influences, and the ingredients are simply about getting the best of the best. Mark Bright has assembled one of the best wine cellars in the city, and Burgundy fans are richly rewarded. Krug will be popped. There is also a chic cocktail bar and lounge.

San Francisco Travel Guide

Atelier Crenn

Dominique Crenn opened this chic and natural oasis in an unexpected part of town, but it only adds to the feeling of calm once you step inside from the busy bar scene nearby. Her two Michelin star restaurant is in homage to her father, an artist, and her menu is delivered to guests in an envelope as a poem. Crenn’s highly personal menu unfolds with exquisite seafood, paying homage to the little jewels of the sea, and many of the following dishes are interactive and offer a bit of a tableside show. Ingredients are clean and bright and alluring, and the dessert courses from Juan Contreras are unlike any you have had before (it’s like taking an edible nature walk). There is so much whimsy and beauty in a meal here, filling diners with delight (and their glasses with beautiful wines). Can't make it to Atelier Crenn? Crenn’s sister restaurant in Hayes Valley, Petit Crenn, is more casual, and offers an affordable prix-fixe menu.