The Best Historic Sites in Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 28, 2017
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Paris, with its long history and lots of story, full of important sites worth to be remember. Here we'd like to share the best historic sites in Paris with you, which may help you to schedule your holiday there. Avoid the 18th, 19th, and 20th, because these can be dangerous, especially if you’re not familiar with the city.

The Best Historic Sites in Paris

Invoking Ancient Rome at the Musée National du Moyen Age/Thermes de Cluny (Musée de Cluny)

This museum associates two historic edifices: the medieval Hôtel of the Abbots of Cluny and the ruins of the city's Gallo-Roman baths. These ancient thermal baths date from when the city — then known as Lutetia — was under Roman rule, between the 1st and 3rd centuries. Thermae, or municipal baths, were at the center of daily life in Roman society, providing a social forum for citizens. These ruins, along with the nearby outdoor amphitheater, are the only significant traces of the city's Roman period.

Discovering the Oldest Church in Paris at St-Germain-des-Prés

This is the oldest church in Paris, predating the Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral nearby by at least 600 years. The site was originally a Benedictine abbey founded in 542 by the Merovingian King Childebert to house a relic of the cross brought back from Spain. The Vikings pillaged the building in the 7th century, but the tower and nave were rebuilt 2 centuries later, and are now the only remaining vestiges of Romanesque architecture left in Paris.