Short Breaks to Istanbul,where to stay in Istanbul

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jan 8, 2018
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Where to stay in Istanbul?If you're planning a short breaks to Istanbul,if you've never been good at separating the words"vacation"and"beach"then you're in the right place.There's plenty of scenic coastline here to satisfy even the most amphibious travelers.Kilyos Beach and Suadiye Beach should be your first stops.Buyukcekmece Beach and Florya Beach are also highly recommended.

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Chora Church(Kariye Müzesi)

Chora means"country"in Greek,and this beautiful Church(originally called the Church of St.Saviour of Chora)lay just outside old Constantinople's city walls.The first Chora Church was probably built here in the 5th century,but what you see now is the building's 6th reconstruction as it was destroyed completely in the 9th century and went through several facelifts from the 11th to 14th centuries.The church(now a museum)is rightly world-famous for its fabulously vibrant 14th-century mosaics,preserved almost intact in the two narthexes and fragmentarily in the nave,and the frescoes along the walls and domes.These incredible examples of Byzantine artistry cover a wide range of themes from the genealogy of Christ to the New Testament stories.

Location:Kariye Camii Sokak,Edirnekapı