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  2. On Nov 1, 2017
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Berlin is a shopping city–from second-hand stores right through to luxury shopping on the Kurfürstendamm.Go on a shopping tour in Berlin:we´re sure that you´ll make a find.Find the shopping places in Berlin with our Berlin travel guides.

Berlin Travel Guides

Shopping in ancient buildings

Whether you're looking for a bite to eat,a souvenir or a special new piece for your art collection,Berlin's market halls have it all.Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg is open every day except Sunday,and its reopening in 2011 means eager shoppers can flock here once more.Specialising in gastronomical treats,it hosts much-loved events like'Street Food Thursday'and the'Breakfast Market',held every third Sunday of the month.Marheineke Markthalle,also in Kreuzberg,is perfect for picking up excellent wines,fruit,vegetables,sumptuous delicatessen items and fresh flowers.To the north of the city is Tegel Indoor Market,with food and handicrafts on sale.

Food on every corner

High-quality ingredients,exotic flavours and a relaxed atmosphere:It’s impossible to imagine daily life in Berlin without street food.For a start,currywurst and the döner kebab both originate from Berlin and have achieved long-standing cult status.

Berlin Travel Guides

Currywurst’s success began at a Berlin kiosk.Today,you can eat the street food classic at countless takeaway shops throughout the city.With or without fries,with ketchup or mayonnaise.It tastes a little different at each stand.Try Wittys Organic Food in Schöneberg or Konnopke in Pankow.But the most important question in Berlin remains:With or without skin?

Döner kebab is a Berlin original.A Turkish immigrant invented the snack in Berlin during the 1970s.Today you’ll find the combination of juicy grilled meat from the spit,fresh salad and spicy sauce in a crisp flat bread on almost every street corner from Mustafas vegetable kebab to Vöner.Chew your way through the kebab houses of Berlin.

And Berlin’s market halls have also become street food markets,where specialities from all around the world can be enjoyed fresh in the hand.The most popular one is the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg.