Self-driving and parking in Barcelona,Barcelona travel guides

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If you choose to spend your holidays in Barcelona,or you are here for business and you have decided to come by car,Barcelona travel guides book,and parking in Barcelona,as in all large cities,has many restrictions.If you are going to stay in a hotel,you should know whether your hotel is one of the hotels with parking in Barcelona and what the parking price in Barcelona will be,in order to take the best decision before booking.In most Barcelona parkings,the daily rates have regressive prices,that is as the number of days booked increases the daily price is reduced,that does not happen in the hotels.If you are absent-minded and you don't make a reservation for daily parking,keep in mind you can be charged for parking with per minute rate,that's much more expensive.

Barcelona travel guides

Long-term parking in Barcelona

If you are coming for a few weeks,you may prefer to find a long-term parking in Barcelona of so-called lowcost parking or park and ride.This decision can be very commendable,if you have decided to not use your car so often,since,if it is not a nearby parking,you'll be spending the difference on public transport.

The best suppliers

In Parkimeter you will find the best parkings,both of important chains as Núñez y Navarro(NyN),SABA,BSM(Barcelona Serveis de Mobilitat),Continental Parking and also parkings that don't belong to chains,whenever monitored and with the highest guarantees.

Parking Barcelona centre

The Ensanche is the most populated and wide district of Barcelona city.The way it was designed by Ildefonso Cerdáin the XIX century is characteristic,every block has a square shape and the streets run in the North-South and East-West direction.The people from Barcelona consider it the city centre,here are situated the monumental,commercial and financial areas of the city.

To find parking in Ensanche is not as hard as in Ciutat Vella,even if there is a great variety of prices.It would therefore be advisable to plan everything and to invest some time in Parkimeter,in order to get the best parking place,the most closest to your destination,the one meeting the services that the customer wants and with the most favourable price.If you would like to walk through the old quarter,we suggest you to search for parking Paseo de Gracia.It is the most emblematic avenue in Barcelona city,together with Rambla de Catalunya and Las Ramblas.

Barcelona travel guides

In the northern part of Paseo de Gracia,it is crossed by one of the main avenues of Barcelona,Avenida Diagonal,that,as its name suggests,goes through the city in a diagonal line.On its half,there is the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanas which crosses the city from east to west.On the other side of Paseo de Gracia there is plaza Cataluña,the most famous square in the city,together with Plaza España and Plaza Sagrada Familia.

Along Paseo de Gracia,you will find the three most important modernist houses,Casa Vicens,Casa Milàand La Pedrera.The latter two are Gaudí's work.

In plaza Cataluña is located one of the Corte Ingles department stores,FNAC and the Apple Store.In the south of the square,there is the most commercial pedestrian street of Barcelona,Avenida de la Puerta delÁngel,where the price per square metre is the highest of the city.

Parking Las Ramblas

Rambla is a word of Arab origin that means stream.In fact,Las Ramblas were formerly a natural course gathering the water in the upper part of Barcelona city and flowing into the sea.That's why Las Ramblas end in the south,at the port of Barcelona,next to the Colón statue.To find a parking in Las Ramblas is quite impossible because of its shortage,if you don't book in advance.Next to the marina,there is the Barceloneta neighbourhood,a seafaring quarter where you'll find the best seafood restaurants in town.At the end of Paseo Juan de Borbón,near Barceloneta restaurant and Torre de Altamar,there is Plaza del Mar parking,the closest parking Barceloneta to the beach and the promenade.

Barcelona Sants(local train,HST),Cruise Port and Bus Station

If you are frequent local or high-speed train passengers,Parkimeter has parkings within a 2 minute walk from parking Barcelona Sants as parking sants numancia or parking IMSA,at one end of the Torre Catalunya bulding.At the other end of Barcelona Sants there is a bus terminal,but the most important one is located at the Estacion del Norte,an old train station that it was no more a half century ago.

If you are planning to go on a cruise,the cruise terminal is far to walk from any parking.Bear this in mind for your planning.The terminals are near Las Ramblas and next to the Avenida del Paralelo southern tip.If you are going to the Balearic Islands or to Italy,you can find a parking near the Barcelona Harbour to go walking until the corresponding terminal.