Seattle to Banff train package, Canadian Rockies Vacations Guide

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Weather about Canadian Rockies:

Weather in the Rocky Mountains varies a tremendous amount – literally from one valley to the next and from one hour to the next. There also is a large variation between daytime and night time temperatures. The following temperature statistics for Banff townsite, which come from the Weather Base website, will give you an idea of what you can expect throughout the Canadian Rockies.

When to Go?

The best time to visit the mountains for the sake of the scenery and hiking is June through September . That is when the mountain lakes are thawed and the brilliant turquoise colour of their water can be enjoyed. The mountain resort towns of Banff , Lake Louise and Jasper tend to be crowded in July and August . So, if the traveler has the flexibility to avoid the busiest season, it is better to visit the area in June or September. But if a family with school-aged children can travel only in the busier months of July and August, it is still worth visiting the area. When it comes to the Canadian Rockies, "busy" is a relative term. The Rocky Mountain national parks cover a large area, and it takes only a little effort to step into the forest and away from the crowds.

Canadian Rockies Vacations Guide

September ushers in the yellows and golds of autumn. The aspen trees around Banff are at the height of their colour around the middle of September, and the larches around Lake Louise are at their golden best towards the end of September. Jasper, being at a slightly lower elevation than Lake Louise and Banff, has a slightly later fall. It usually is at the height of its colour around the beginning of October.

October is a transitional month. This shoulder month can provide pleasant weather. On the other hand it also can produce blizzards. The beginning of October is the time at which some rides and side roads in the mountains start shutting down for the winter. Activities and access to scenic landmarks remain fairly good up to and including Canadian Thanksgiving , which is celebrated on the second Monday of October (the same day as the United States celebrates Columbus Day). But, by the middle of October, many winter closures have taken effect.

So, depending on the kind of experience that the visitor is looking for, October can be a somewhat risky month. On the other hand, it is a month in which the mountain resort towns are quieter and service is more attentive. This is a months that may appeal to the repeat visitor who already has seen the "must see" landmarks in summer.

November is an extremely quiet month in the mountains. Summer sight seeing and hiking are over, but downhill skiing has not yet begun.

Downhill skiers visit the mountains from December through April and even into early May. The prime skiing season is February to April. On the third Monday in February, Alberta has the Family Day holiday. This means that Alberta ski areas are especially busy that weekend. Banff can be particularly busy around the Family Day weekend, because the two major Calgary school boards (Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Catholic School Division) intentionally schedule their two-day teachers' convention within a week of the Family Day holiday. Since the kids are out of school during the convention, many Calgary families find this a good time to get in some skiing. In 2007, the teachers' convention takes place on Thursday, February 15 & Friday, February 16, and Family Day is Monday, February 19.

May is another transitional month. It is a month in which the traveler may encounter anything, from snow storms to summer weather. The mountain lakes tend to thaw towards the end of May. Yet a few of them, like beautiful Moraine Lake , are not yet looking their turquoise best till after the first week of June.