San Francisco Weather&Temperature by Month,Travel Tips for San Francisco Tours

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  2. On Jul 13, 2017
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Travel tips for San Francisco tours,listed San Francisco weather&temperature by month for your holiday there.San Francisco has four distinct seasons.Some people think that San Francisco’s climate is similar to the sunny year-round climate in Los Angeles,but that is not the case.There are many crowds during the summer partly because of summer breaks,and partly because of the popularity of San Francisco as a tourist destination.But if visitors are looking for sunny days at the beach,they will most likely be disappointed-when the fog rolls in from the Pacific Ocean,it can be very chilly in the summer.Winter is even colder but hotel rates are low.Autumn and spring are the best times to visit San Francisco-there are fewer crowds and warm temperatures.

Travel Tips for San Francisco Tours

In January,San Francisco gets approximately 165 hours of sunlight,which makes days feel relatively shorter.It’s also one of the coldest months of the year(tying with December)with an average high temperature of 57F(14°C)and an average low temperature of 46°F(8°C).

February sees a small increase in the average high temperature as it rises to 60°F(16°C).The average low temperature,on the other hand,rises a single degree to 47°F(9°C).

In March,temperatures continue to rise as spring arrives in San Francisco.The average high and average low temperatures measure at 62°F(17°C)and 49°F(9°C)respectively.

San Francisco Weather in April:Average high temperatures increase by another degree in April to 63°F(17°C).Meanwhile,the average low temperature remains the same.

May sees sunnier days as spring nears its end.San Francisco gets 314 hours of sunlight.Meanwhile,average temperatures continue to increase with the average high temperature increasing by another degree to 64°F(18°C),and the average low temperature getting bumped up by 2 degrees to 51°F(11°C).

Travel Tips for San Francisco Tours

In June,San Francisco receives the most sunlight out of the year at 330 hours.The average high and average low temperatures increase by 2 degrees each to 66°F(19°C)and 53°F(12°C)respectively.

July’s average sunlight decreases to 300 degrees while precipitation levels are at the lowest for the entire year with San Francisco expecting no rain.The average high temperature and the average low temperatures range between 67°F(19°C)and 54°F(12°C).

San Francisco Weather in August:San Francisco’s summer months are enjoyably cool and temperate and August is no different.The average high temperature is a comfortable 68°F(20°C)while the average low temperature reaches 55°F(13°C).

September is the hottest month of the year as average high temperatures reach 70°F(21°C).The average low temperature remains the same at 55°F(13°C).

In October,the temperature decreases by one degree for both the average high and average low temperatures.

Travel Tips for San Francisco Tours

November’s temperatures take a steep decline with the average high and average low temperatures ranging between 63°F(17°C)and 50°F(10°C).It’s the last month of San Francisco’s fall season and the perfect time to visit California’s theme parks.

December ties with January as the coldest month of the year with an average high temperature of 57°F(14°C),and an average low temperature of 46°F(8°C).The cold temperatures are matched by the least amount of sunshine in year,156 hours,and the highest precipitation rate annually at 5 inches(116 mm).

California is known for many things,one of which is its gorgeous redwood forest.The best time to visit the redwoods is in the summer month,but if you prefer peace and quiet during your travels,come in March or April.When it comes to California’s theme parks like Legoland,Disneyland and Universal Studios,it’s best to come mid-September through mid-November.Experiencing California’s wineries is best done in between late August and October while the fall foliage is at its best from late September to November.For travelers who intend to spend their time at California’s gorgeous beaches,plan to come anytime between May and October.