San Francisco Tours Guide, Good value area to stay Near San Francisco

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jun 26, 2017
  3. North America
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San Francisco tours guide for first time visitor in US West Coast, good value area to stay near San Francisco. Some places do'nt miss in and around San Francisco.

San Francisco Tours Guide

Cable Cars
suit for: Must-drive
1201 Mason Street; San Francisco, California 94108

Open Swing Dancing
A groovy swing in the park
Along John F Kennedy Drive in the Golden Gate Park; San Francisco, CA 94118

Golden Gate Bridge
Wonder of the world
Golden Gate Bridge; San Francisco, CA 94129

Former prison
From Pier 33

Fisherman's Wharf
Fish market
Pier 39

San Francisco Tours Guide

Lombard Street
So many bends
Lombard Street; San Francisco, CA 94133

Wild SF Walking Tours
Exploring with the locals

479 14th Street, Suite A; San Francisco, CA 94103

Musée Mécanique
Slot machine paradise
Pier 45 Shed A (direkt an der Fisherman’s Wharf); San Francisco, CA 94133

Red Blossom Tea Company
Tea paradise
831 Grant Avenue; San Francisco, CA 94108

High-end department store
135 Post Street; San Francisco, CA 94108