San Francisco To Yellowstone Tour Experience The Yellowstone's Natural Wonders

  1. By John
  2. On Sep 26, 2018
  3. North America
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The hot springs in Yellowstone are not only fragile ¨C they can be deadly. For the protection of these delicate natural features as well as the health and safety of our visitors, swimming or soaking in hot springs is not allowed. Join us with our San Francisco to Yellowstone tour to experience the Yellowstone's natural wonders.



What's the best time/place to see wildlife, particularly bears and wolves?


Animals tend to be most active during the very early morning hours, late in the evening, and overnight. A good rule of thumb is to look for wildlife when you'd rather be heading to bed, or want to stay in bed ¨C dusk and dawn. The best areas to see wildlife include Lamar Valley and Hayden Valley, but animals do tend to roam, and you never know where they'll turn up next! For some tips on spotting wildlife in Yellowstone, read our Where the Wild Things Are Infographic.   


Top hikes in Yellowstone


Prefer a shorter hike? If you're staying in the Mammoth Hot Springs area, popular hikes include the Terraces and Wraith Falls. Guests staying near Old Faithful can try the Upper Geyser Basin hike, Lone Star Geyser Trail (an easy, 4.8 mile round-trip hike), or Observation Point, a steep but short 1-mile climb. There are many trails around the North and South Rims for visitors who are staying in Canyon Village, offering stunning Grand Canyon views. 


What else is there to see besides geysers?


Yellowstone is much more than Old Faithful! Check out the wildlife, see gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon, or explore the picturesque Yellowstone Lake area. Yellowstone can be explored on foot, by car, by bike, on skis, on snowshoes ¨C there are endless ways to discover the park. Embark on a guided tour or explore on your own. No matter what kind of adventure you're seeking, you¡¯ll find it at Yellowstone National Park. There's even plenty to discover indoors, too, with our historic hotels and lodges. For some ideas on what to see, check out our infographic: What to See While Visiting Yellowstone.