San Francisco to Grand Canyon drive,Planning your Grand Canyon Rim travel

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  2. On Jun 6, 2018
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Planning your Grand Canyon Rim travel by our travel advice,and you can arrange the San Francisco to Grand Canyon drive by the tips as below.A hike from one grand canyon rim to the other requires careful planning.The 25 mile(approx.)hike offers a fine physical challenge and serves up endless wonderful views.Here's a brief summary of issues to consider when planning your rim-to-rim hike:

The Transportation Challenge

Getting back to your car is not an uncommon problem after a backpacking trip.For rim to rim hikers,this is well,a grand canyon sized challenge.The North and South Rims are only about 10 miles apart,as the raven flies,or about 25 miles apart as the hiker treads.Traveling by road,it is a 220 mile,5 and a half hour drive,from one rim to the other.What to do?Here solutions worked out by some rim to rim hikers:

Do a rim to rim to rim hike.Although this may be a more drastic solution than you desire,it does eliminate the problem altogether.

Swap car keys with a group hiking in the opposite direction.Locate another group that will be hiking rim to rim,from the opposite direction,at about the same time as your hike.Make arrangements where to meet after completing your hikes.If you have a large group,consider splitting into Northbound and an Southbound groups.Make sure each group gets its own permit.

San Francisco to Grand Canyon drive,Planning your Grand Canyon Rim travel

Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk opens in one month.Are you ready for the Skywalk?Is the Grand Canyon ready for the Skywalk.An article in today’s LA Times surveys a variety of opinions about the Skywalk’s impact on the Grand Canyon experience.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon we traveled to the Grand Canyon West to walk on the skywalk.The Skywalk itself was quite an experience.However,getting there and the quality and organization of the site was less than desireable.To get to the site you should be prepared for some rough terrain.There is approximately 14 miles of hard packed dirt washboard road that will rattle your eyeteeth if you try to exceed 10 miles per hour.It took nearly 2 hours for us to traverse these 14 miles,which we said we wouldn’t come back until the road was paved.

The ticketing is quite pricy for what you get.The cost is$49.00 for the priveledge of getting on the site which includes a meal(which I will mention more about shortly)and another$25.00 if you want to walk on the skywalk.Be prepared that no cameras,cell phones or any personal items are allowed on the skywalk.