Take the San Francisco Grand Canyon tour to have the Summer Holiday in Grand Canyon,with our guide to plan a vacation by weather in Grand Canyon.On the South Rim,you can stay close to nature without going far from the creature comforts you've come to expect.Best of all,it's open year-round.

When you plan your Grand Canyon Vacation during“Monsoon Season”what can you do to make sure your visit isn’t marred or completely ruined?Well,because you can’t control the weather you can’t completely control how your vacation will turn out but you can plan some alternatives in case your tour is cancelled or in case you are unable to stand on the rim to get the views you want.

To begin with,if at all possible,plan for more than one day at the South Rim.This is especially true if you plan to take a tour.Plan for a tour on the first day you are there so you have the flexibility to reschedule your tour if it is cancelled by weather.This doesn’t always make it so you can take the tour because tours for the next day may already be sold out,but it gives you a better chance.

San Francisco Grand Canyon tour,How to Plan a Vacation by Weather in Grand Canyon

Have a back-up plan for a different tour or things to do in case of inclement weather.There are many historic buildings and museums at the South Rim that you could visit on a rainy day.Another option would be to go to the IMAX Theater.

These suggestions are South Rim specific but at the other rims there will be alternative things to do as well.Make sure you know what your options are and plan to have fun regardless of the weather!

*Driving to Grand Canyon West from Las Vegas is an easy day-trip–driving to the South Rim is a very long day-trip.Grand Canyon West will likely be hot,however,you will want to check the weather and take the necessary precautions if rain is in the forecast.The South Rim is cooler but the drive is about twice as long–about 4.5 hours compared to 2.5 for Grand Canyon West.The up-side to traveling to the South Rim is that there is a lot more to do there.