San Francisco bus tour, San Francisco Public Transportation

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Book your San Francisco bus tour on website now with great deals. Or you'd like to travel around the city by yourself. Then the travel tips must be useful for you. If the slopes get too much, historic streetcars and cable cars serve central areas too, while the wider Bay Area is served by a fantastic public transit system. The information about the San Francisco public transportation as below:

How to Get Around San Francisco?

Public Transportation

BART (regional subways), Muni (the metro, buses and streetcars) and Caltrain (commuter trains) constitute one of America’s best public transit networks. A 7 day Muni pass is good value at $40, and includes scenic cable car rides as well. For longer stays, there’s also the Clipper Card, a contactless payment system. Single journeys with a Clipper Card cost $2.25 (for 90 minutes of travel).

San Francisco bus tour


San Francisco isn’t a great city as far as taxis go. Passengers are charged $3.50 upfront, then $0.55 every fifth of a mile. However, you can save money by using services like Uber of Lyft, which tend to cost about half as much with a base fare of $2. Expect a normal taxi from the airport to cost $45 and an Uber alternative around $30.


San Francisco is jammed into a 7 by 7 mile peninsula, making it hard to get lost. However, the city doesn’t have a uniform grid like other American cities, with many overlapping forms of street layout in different districts, so be prepared to check your map or GPS. Another thing to remember is that left turns are scarce in downtown San Francisco, so don’t count on being able to turn left on every major avenue. Parking isn’t cheap either, with a general daily rate of $20 in downtown garages.