San Fran to Yosemite, most famous attractions in the Yosemite park

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In addition to seeing all the most famous attractions in the Yosemite park, we'll show you the hidden wonders and natural treasures of Yosemite. Day hikes and backcountry camping. And you can book your San Fran to Yosemite tours with great discount on the website.

Yosemite Chapel

Yosemite National Park Chapel is the park’s oldest structure, offering a peaceful and quiet place to enjoy the beauty of Yosemite, pray or attend a service. The surrounding scenic views provide a romantic place to begin a life together with the one you love, thus making this spot an ideal wedding destination.

Location & Information

Yosemite Church is in Yosemite Valley, on Southside Drive. Look for the chapel on the right-hand side of the road about a quarter mile past the Swinging Bridge Picnic Area as you enter the valley.

San Fran to Yosemite, most famous attractions in the Yosemite park

Yosemite Chapel provides services the year round. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Sunday Service is held at 9:15 am and 11 am each Sunday. In the winter months, there is a Sunday Service at 9:15 am and a mid-week service on Thursday at 7 pm.


Yosemite National Park Church offers services in a wonderful location surrounded by phenomenal scenery. Here is a list of events you may like to experience at this Yosemite Chapel:


Marriage vow renewals

Baby dedications


Community seminars

Children’s vacation Bible School

Annual Community Christmas Dinner

Other special occasions

Fun Facts

The first service at Yosemite Park Chapel was held in 1879.

The first organ in Yosemite Chapel was donated in the name of Florence Hutchings, who was the caretaker of the chapel from 1879 to her death in a climbing accident in 1881.

When President Grant died in 1887, a special memorial service was held at Yosemite Chapel and the organist was none other that Sir Arthur Sullivan of the famed Gilbert and Sullivan team.