When to visit Grand Teton National Park? Schedule your Salt Lake city to Grand Teton National Park trip with our travel guide as below. Towering above Jackson Hole Valley with jagged snow-topped peaks, Wyoming's majestic Teton Mountains are in high relief at Grand Teton National Park. From the 13,770-foot Grand Teton to the glittering Jenny and Jackson lakes – which reflect the mountains in their depths – the photo ops are endless.

Best Times to Visit Grand Teton National Park:

The best time to visit Grand Teton National Park is from mid-May to late September when all the visitor centers, hiking trails and other park activities, including kayaking and fishing, are open and accessible. Beginning in October, winter blows through the park, shutting down most of its facilities and roads. Still, winter is a prime time for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Mid-May to Late September

Mid-May signifies the start of peak season at Grand Teton National Park. Average highs this time of year hover in the low 60s, but they'll rise to the lower 80s in July and August before descending into the 70s by late September. Tourist crowds and accommodation rates are at their highest levels of the year. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in July and August, so consider packing rain gear.

Salt Lake city to Grand Teton National Park Travel Guide, When to Visit Grand Teton National Park

Key Events:

American Indian Guest Artist (May-September)
A Walk into the Past (June-September)
Bear Safety (June-September)
Campfire Program at Colter Bay (June-September)

October to Early-May

In the wintertime, the weather is bitter with temperatures that regularly drop into the single digits. The snow falls heavy and accumulates quickly, which is one of the main reasons why many of the park's facilities, roads and accommodations shutter for the season. Still, it's the best time for cross-country skiers and snowershoers who want to make tracks across the remote winter wonderland.

Key Events:

Ranger-Led Snowshoe Walk (December-Mid-March)