Rome with Kids:Top Attractions and Things to Do in Rome

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 18, 2017
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“As much as its great monuments–the Colosseum,St Peter’s Basilica,the Pantheon–what I love about Rome are its details:the cobbled lanes and hidden corners,the vivid colours,the aroma of freshly ground coffee wafting out of its cafes.Rome's streets and piazzas are an endless source of entertainment and,as a history buff,I get a real kick when I think of all the legendary events that have taken place here....”What about the Rome vacation with kids?Top attractions and things to do in Rome recommended for you.

Things to Do in Rome

That's where this list can help.Here,you will find places and experiences that are uniquely Italian and Roman and that highlight Rome's unique place in history,but will grab kids'attention.And for good measure,there are other activities that are just plain fun.Who doesn't like sitting on steps eating ice cream-especially when it's among the world's best?

See Where the Lions Lived in the Colosseum

While the giant Flavian Amphitheatre known as the Colosseum is the most familiar symbol of Rome and its most popular tourist attraction,it was impossible until a few years ago to visit the part kids relish most.Deep beneath the arena floor,where the spectacles were staged,is a maze of tunnels,passages,and chambers where gladiators and wild animals awaited their deadly confrontations above.This subterranean holding area,called the hypogeum,held cages for leopards,bears,lions,and elephants that were used either in battles or as part of circuses and other performances.An elevator-like system of pulleys manned by slaves brought the animals up to the arena floor.You'll need to book ahead for afternoon public access to the hypogeum or join a package tour that includes it.