Rome Vacation Ideas From Our Visiters Day Trip From Rome To Pompeii

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 15, 2018
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Heading to Rome for the first time? Learn how to skip lines at top museums, master Italian menus and navigate the city. Have your day trip from Rome to Pompeii by our travel tips on the site, or book the right sightseeing tour with deals.

Rome Vacation Ideas from our visiters:

Avoid crowds

“Sistine Chapel is amazing but the experience is ruined by the number of people amassed in it (and often by their behavior).”—mbagattini

“If you plan on going to any of the major sites (Colosseum, for example), try going on a night tour, which won’t be as busy.”—TRCP

“If you have the extra cash, a personalized tour of the Colosseum can get you into a special queue that shortens many lines; almost like a FastPass for the Colosseum.”—Tomás de Servo

“As with elsewhere in Europe, going in the spring or fall is best, before and after the summer tourism crush.”—s4zando

Do this

Get the Rick Steves guide; many commenters praised it.

“See everything twice. Night and day show you two different sides of everything. The fountains, the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Pantheon, all of it is worth seeing twice.”—I’ll-think-of-something

“Visit the Sistine Chapel at the very end of the day just before they kick everyone out. At this time they shut off the artificial lighting blasting the ceiling and you’ll have about 15-30 minutes to view the ceiling just as it was intended, in natural light. The paintings almost leap off the ceiling and into a 3D appearance.”—s4zando

“Stand to drink your coffee, and it’ll cost you 1-2 euro. Sit and it’ll often cost you more than 5. Also, if you ask for milk after noon they’ll shake their heads at you (and who cares, but it’s a funny cultural divide).”—TheBobmanNH

“You will need reservations for lunch and dinner, especially at small restaurants. Even if they are ‘off the beaten path,’ you’ll still need to make reservations!”—TRCP