Rome Tours For Secret Food Tasting

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 12, 2017
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As Romans who are wildly passionate about Italian food we would be delighted to share our love of food with you. Italian food is recognised around the world for its delicious flavours, exquisite dishes and world class ingredients. Although many countries now have some great Italian food, it is only when you visit Italy that you are able to taste the true passion and the best flavours this country has to offer.

Rome Tours

You and your friends and family don't miss a three-hour gastronomy tour around the world-famous Piazza Navona area (a beautiful city square built in the 1st century AD) during the Rome sightseeing. All foods, cheeses, desserts and drinks (such as coffee and wines), and a professional tour passing its most famous areas (Campo dei Fiori Market and his unknown neighborhood, Roman ruins, Jewish Ghetto) are included in the price.

Once our experienced local guide concludes Secret Food in Rome, you will leave with a stomach full of the best food in Rome, plus local knowledge and sightseeing tips, to enhance the pleasure of your trip that will last with you for a lifetime.

Rome Tours

Also, if you have enough time, if you want to discover the true colors of Italy in all serenity, Bellagio is the place for you.

Whether you’re coming here to relax enjoying the lake, eating Italian delights and walking through gardens and villas, or if you want to discover the breathtaking panoramas at the top of the mountains or from the lakeshore, Bellagio will satisfy your every expectation.

The pearl of lake Como is also the ideal place for romance, as confirm the VIPs who have been enjoying this secret spot for their vacations for years now.