Rome Tours,Enjoy The Palatine Hill in Rome

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 13, 2017
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Romulus,Remus and Roman Emperors.They all left their mark on Rome’s Palatine Hill.To join the Rome tours,to enjoy the Palatine Hill in Rome in this winter must a good choose.Scout out the area on a private tour,led by a local history expert,and discover the legends and archaeological ruins of Ancient Rome.Step inside the excavated homes of the Roman emperors such as Casa di Augusto,Domus Augustana and Casa di Livia;check out the Palatine Museum’s treasure trove of relics;and stop by at Domus Tiberiana and the Arch of Titus among other must-see sights.

Rome Tours

As Ancient Rome’s swankiest neighborhood,Palatine Hill was the home of emperors,who each lavished the area with palaces,gardens and monuments.See the legacy they left behind as you explore the ruins,and hear stories behind the key sights.

Stop for photos by the ancient stadium,and then visit Domus Augustana,a fascinating set of ruins that once formed the private residence of Emperor Domitian.Gaze down at the flat stretch of land of Circus Maximus,and learn about the chariot races that took place there to amuse the ancient Roman elite.

Head inside Palatine Museum to see more archaeological finds from the area,including sculptures and reconstructed palace floors.The museum is also home to models of huts that would have been in existence during the days of Romulus and Remus,around 8th century BC.

Take a break inside the museum if you wish,and then continue to the Arch of Titus on the ancient pilgrimage road of the Via Sacra.See the excavation of Casa di Augusto,the house of the first Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus with its 2,000-year-old frescoes,and Casa di Livia,the beautifully preserved home of his wife.Your tour then ends by Domus Tiberiana,with some of the best views of Ancient Rome and the Roman Forum.