Rome Sightseeing,Unexpectedly colourful suburb in Rome

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 13, 2017
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When you travel in Rome,to enjoy the oldest European city,which is full of culture spots place,to experience the unexpectedly colourful suburb in Rome,I'd like the recommended the famous attractions for you as below:

Rome Sightseeing

The Tor Marancia district was originally a slum founded in 1935 as a result of forced evictions carried out in Piazza Venezia and the town developed when social housing came into place.An impressive project took place in 2015 when renowned artists have been invited to paint whole city-block facades in this area.

Why you should visit it

Here you can see entire buildings covered with graffiti masterpieces by well known street artists such as Pantónio(POR),Diamond(ITA),Mr Klevra(ITA),Reka(AUS),Gaia(USA),Seth(FRA),Sat One(GER),Jerico(ITA)

Philippe Baudelocque(FRA),Clemens Behr(GER),JAZ(ARG),Best|Ever(GB),Vhils(POR)and so on.