Rome Paris vacation package,useful guide for a Paris Vacation

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  2. On Aug 8, 2018
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Paris,the City of Light,is filled with thousands of hotels,attractions,shops and restaurants.If this is a first-time visit,or even if you know the city,this guide aims to help focusing on where to stay,where to eat,where to go and more basic information you need before you go to Paris.And you can find the right Rome Paris vacation package on the site with deals nowdays.

Rome Paris vacation package,useful guide for a Paris Vacation

Getting There

Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world,which makes it quite easy to access.

It is a major hub for many airlines,and a great starting point or stopover during a European vacation.Since it is so popular,there are also many great bargains on airfare,lodging or vacation packages.

Getting Around

Paris is divided into arrondissements,or neighborhoods.These arrondissements run in a circular spiral starting at the center of the city and winding outwards.The city is also divided by the Seine River,and the two sides are the Left Bank and Right Bank.

Public transportation in Paris is extensive,including the popular Metro trains,France's train system running to points outside the city,a bus system,and more.

Wine and dine in Romantic Paris!

There are few better places for a top romantic meal than in Paris,accompanied by a delectable bottle of wine.If you're really pushing the boat out,go to the Tour d'Argent,one of the most famous Paris restaurants,with views and prices to match.Or just walk down the street where your hotel is and find a small,intimate bistro serving traditional dishes.Wander along the Champs Elysees until a sidewalk cafe captures your attention.