Rome City Sightseeing,Museums&Galleries in Rome

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 12, 2017
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As Rome is one of the oldest cities in the world so no doubt that there are various historical tourist spots.If you are planning to visit The Eternal City,Rome,don’t forget to check out cheap flights to rome.Here are most visited tourist attractions during your Rome city sightseeing,museums&galleries in Rome.

Rome City Sightseeing

Art nouveau neighbourhood

A big arch leads you into this marvellous little residential quarter hidden in the Parioli neighbourhood.Elegant,romantic and quiet,Quartiere Coppedéis an unexpected and bizarre area perfect for a dreamy stroll.

Contemporary art&architecture

When MAXXI opened in 2010,Rome’s youth was renewed.Before this time the city had no contemporary buildings or museums.This is a place where you can visit contemporary art and architecture exhibitions as well as other hyped events.

Musei Vaticani&the Sistine Chapel

Musei Vaticani is one of Rome’s most precious treasures and,unsurprisingly,one of the city’s top tourist attractions.Locals only visit the museums once or twice in a lifetime,so don’t expect to meet us there.Nevertheless,Musei Vaticani and its Sistine Chapel are must-see sights when in Rome.