Required equipment for the photographing Upper Antelope tours

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 10, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

Looking for the photographing Antelope tour? I'd rather to recommend you to take the photo tour, not the sightseeing tour then. Most companies in Page, AZ offer two types of tours. The sight seeing tours allow point and shoots, mobile phones and take huge groups of people in at a time. And the tips about required equipment as below:

Required equipment

To participate in a photo tour you need, at a bare minimum, a tripod and DSLR camera. You’ll also want to bring a rain sleeve or ziploc bag of some sort to protect your camera while moving around inside the canyon since it’s really dusty. Personal bags and purses are not allowed in the canyon so you’ll have to bring your camera already mounted on your tripod. You’re allowed to bring water but no other food or beverage is permitted. There are no trash cans so please don’t litter. Also, bring a tip for your guides since they go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience.

While it isn’t recommended that you change lenses in the canyon because of the dust I mentioned, you should have a device ready to clean your camera if necessary. Some had lens wipes, others had a rubber squeeze air blower. Chances are you’ll need to use (or borrow) at least one of the two.

Antelope Canyon Photo Permits

If you plan on selling your photos or posting them online on a blog, you need to get a photo permit directly from Navajo Parks Management. It’s $50 ahead of time and you have to pay by mailing in cash or a money order. If it’s later discovered you sold a photo or otherwise profited without acquiring the proper permit first, it’s $200 to purchase a permit retroactively.