Released From The London Holiday Enjoy The London Vacation

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 11, 2018
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

Here we talk about the tips which shared the clever ways to see the city while avoiding the traps and help you to enjoy the London vacation. Visit the place by our tips as below.

Prepare to walk—a lot.

Plan your visit in terms of neighborhoods rather than specific sites—try a morning walk through the charming residential streets of Notting Hill and find your way to Portobello Road for antiques (arrive early to avoid the crushing crowds of, yes, tourists), then grab a bite to go at Gail’s Artisan Bakery if you’re peckish or sit down for a proper meal inspired by Japanese, Korean, and Scandinavian cuisine at Flat Three (lunch is served on Friday and Saturday only).

Or maybe build a day around ever-trendy East London for shopping (look out for massive markets like the one that pops up weekly on Brick Lane), people-watching, and great eating (try Leila’s Shop for breakfast or Lyle’s for a lovely lunch). For contrast, pop over to Mayfair for a turn through one of London’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Visit Gymkhana for northern Indian cuisine so elegant it earned a Michelin star, or stop in William & Son for a thoughtfully curated variety of jewelry, clothing, home decor, and a walk through its collection of stunning shotguns and rifles.

Take a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus.

Yes, the “hoho” buses are for tourists. And that’s okay. You, the wise traveler, will use it as a clever way to see lots of touristy sites with a minimal amount of schlepping. Board early in the morning with a cup of coffee and a pastry and grab a prime seat. The grand loop routes will take you past just about all of the most popular sites (Big Ben and Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and the like) so you can get a look without having to actually hop off and brave the crowds. The bus will empty out at the London Eye. Exchange a knowing smile with your travel companion as you stay firmly in your seat.