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  2. On Mar 26, 2017
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Many people who want to travel to Grand Canyon will have a lot of questions about Grand Canyon. Here are some questions and answers they often ask before departure.


Q: Where is the Grand Canyon located?

A: The?Grand Canyon?is located entirely within the?State of Arizona. Some people believe that part of the Grand Canyon is in the state of Utah. The geologic beginning of Grand Canyon (at Lees Ferry) is very close to the Arizona/Utah state line. However, Lees Ferry is still 15 miles from the border, and the entire length of Grand Canyon is within Arionza.



Q: What are the nearest major cities/airports?

A: Phoenix, Arizona is the closest major city/airport. Driving time is approximately 4 hours/247 miles. Las Vegas, Nevada is the next closest major city/airport. Driving time is approximately 5 hours 30 minutes/273 miles.


Q: How deep is the Grand Canyon?

A: On average the Grand Canyon is about a mile deep (5000 feet or 1500 meters). Of course the exact depth is going to depend on where you measure it. The South Rim is about 1000 feet (300m) lower than the North side.


Q: How old is the Canyon?

A: That's a tricky question. Although rocks exposed in the walls of the canyon are geologically quite old, the Canyon itself is a fairly young feature. The oldest rocks at the canyon bottom are close to 2000 million years old. The Canyon itself - an erosional feature - has formed only in the past five or six million years. Geologically speaking, Grand Canyon is very young.


Q: What is the best way to see the canyon?

A: It is up to the individual on how to see the canyon. Stop at the National Geographic Visitor Center where you can get information on tour buses, helicopter tours, airplane tours, as well as the mule rides. Depending how much you want to spend and how much time you have it is totally up to the individual.



Q: What is the weather like at the Grand Canyon?

A: Summer temperatures on the South Rim are relatively pleasant (50°s - 80°s F; 10°s to high 20°s C) but inner canyon temperatures are extreme. Daytime highs at the river, 5000 feet below the rim, often exceed 100° F (38° C). North Rim summer temperatures are cooler that those on the South Rim due to the increased elevation.

Winter conditions at the South Rim can be extreme: expect snow, icy roads, and possible road closures. Temperatures are low, and with the wind-chill factor can at times drop below 0° F (-18° C). Canyon views may be temporarily obscured during winter storms; in such cases, entrance fees are not refundable. The North Rim is closed in winter.

Spring and Fall weather is extremely unpredictable; be prepared for sudden changes in the weather during these seasons.


Q: When is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon?

A: Expect heavy crowds during spring, summer, and fall months. You will find fewer crowds in the early spring or late fall. The South Rim is open year round, but heavy snows close the road to the North Rim from late October to mid May of each year.


Q: What advice/travel tips do you have for international/overseas visitors?

A: Remember that the southwestern US is big and remote. Put a map of your home country next the distance you plan to cover in the USA to get an idea of what you are up against. Transportation takes time and is often expensive. Public transportation in northern Arizona is very limited, so find transportation and schedules before you leave, and expect to need some money to get around. Many prices are "plus tax", so add 7-8% to your budget.?

Grand Canyon TRAVEL TIPS


Q: What can we do in Grand Canyon?

A: #1 Grand Canyon Village

#2 North Rim

#3 Bright Angel Trail

#4 Rim Trail

#5 North Kaibab Trail

#6 Havasu Fall

#7 Colorado River Rafting

#8 Grand Canyon Railway

#9 Grand Canyon Skywalk


Q: What tour, hike or river trip is best for me?

A: Many of our customers choose both a sightseeing tour and a hiking tour. Others choose a hiking tour and one of the river trips. It's obviously an individual choice based on your own preferences. Each choice allows you to explore much of the Grand Canyon backcountry while still enjoying the comforts of a hotel, restaurant and nightlife.


Q: Are there hotels on the South Rim and North Rim?

A: The South Rim has more than two dozen hotels, motels, and lodges to choose from. Lodging located in Grand Canyon National Park are operated by Xanterra South Rim, LLC. Accommodations can also be secured in the Village of Tusayan and the town of Williams, which both lie just outside the park boundary; Tusayan is about a 15-minute drive and Williams a one-hour drive from Grand Canyon Village (traffic permitting). The North Rim has several lodging options to choose from including the Grand Canyon Lodge located within the park, and the Kaibab Lodge and Jacob Lake Inn located north of the park boundary.

Of course, you will also have more other questions about Grand Canon. If so, I recommend you to have a Grand Canyon bus tour firstly and experience with the tour guide. After that, you will know more about it!