Public Transportation of New York City,New York Tours Guide

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Useful New York tours guide for travelors,which tell you about the public transportation of New York city.

New York Tours Guide

One of the most extensive public transportation systems in the world,New York City's inexpensive mass transit network is administered by the Metropolitan Transit Authority(MTA).It operates around the clock,365 days per year,and comprises buses,commuter trains and the subway.Visitors and locals should observe the safety information posted at and pay attention to signs posted in subway stations,as well as to announcements broadcast over the subway's public address system.Some tips to keep in mind:

When waiting in subway stations,always stand behind the clearly demarcated yellow line at the platform edge.

The gap between the train entrance and platform edge is larger in some subway stations than others.Be mindful of the distance before boarding the train.

The train conductor will almost always be located in the middle subway car.There is a black-and-white sign on the platform to indicate the position of that car when it arrives.

Do not hold subway doors open,and keep your hands and possessions away from them as they close.A chime indicates when this is about to happen.

Do not use the doors inside cars to walk between subway trains,unless absolutely necessary or instructed to do so.

New York Tours Guide


There are more than 13,000 licensed medallion taxis that make up the City's famous yellow fleet,which is administered by the New York City Taxi&Limousine Commission(TLC)and operates 24 hours per day,seven days a week.All cabs accept both cash and credit cards.Some pointers to keep in mind:

When a taxi is available,the light on its roof(which displays the cab's individual medallion number)is illuminated.When a taxi is taken,the light is switched off.

In addition to being on the roof,the medallion number is located on the hood,the partition between the driver and backseat,and the receipt.Note the number in case you need to retrieve items from the TLC's lost and found.

Always exit via the curbside door,watching for cyclists,pedestrians and other cars.

New York Tours Guide

Do not accept a ride from any unlicensed vehicle,especially at any of the three area airports.

It is against the law for a taxicab driver to refuse a person based on race,disability or what your destination is in New York City.Cabbies are required to drive a passenger to any destination in the five boroughs.

Street Hail Livery cabs are now operating in the boroughs outside of Manhattan(except for the airports)and in Manhattan north of West 110th Street and East 96th Street.These vehicles are identifiable by their light green color and may be hailed from the street as you would a regular yellow cab.

Pedicabs are another mode of transportation,and serve popular areas like Midtown and Central Park.Note that drivers must post very visible per-minute rates on their cabs(no additional fees may be charged)and have city-approved stopwatch timers,which start when the cab moves.