Prague Travel Guides,Wonderful family holiday in Prague

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 11, 2017
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Take the whole family to the historic city of Prague for an unforgettable adventure that older children and teens will love.Have a wonderful family holiday in Prague by our Prague travel guides as below:

Prague Travel Guides

A fun-packed itinerary leaves no room for boredom in Prague.Start at the intriguing medieval Astronomical Clock,which chimes on the hour,before climbing the clock tower with your intrepid explorers.Then head to the nearby Wax Museum to spot models of Harry Potter and Albert Einstein alongside famous Czech names.Alternatively,the Alphonse Mucha Museum is a short walk away;marvel at the work of the Art Nouveau painter–the kids will probably recognise his vibrant posters.

The Hilltop Fortress:Vyšehrad

Looking like something out of a fairytale,the Vyšehrad fortress stands high above the Vltava River overlooking Prague.Known to have been in existence as far back as the 10th century,it has long been the subject of myth and legend,including the foretelling of an ancient princess of the rising of a great city around it.Once the royal residence of Vratislav II,Vyšehrad also played a role as part of the original Royal Route taken by kings about to be crowned,who would have to stop here to pay tribute to their predecessors(the route led from Vyšehrad to Hradčany).Although now largely ruins,the fortress is a wonderful place for a stroll or picnic and offers superb views of the surrounding city.

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