Prague Travel Guides,How to Getting to Prague

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 25, 2017
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If you experience car trouble,major highways have emergency telephones from which you can call for assistance.There's also theÚAMK,a 24-hour motor assistance club that provides service for a fee.Just with our Prague travel guides,to find the right to getting to Prague.

Prague Travel Guides

By Car--A liter of gasoline costs about 30Kc,expensive by North American standards but cheaper than in western Europe.Gas stations are plentiful,and most are equipped with small convenience stores.

Except for main highways,which are a seemingly endless parade of construction sites,roads tend to be narrow and in need of repair.Add maniacal Czech drivers in BMWs and Mercedes fighting for the limited space alongside the Communist-era Skodas,and you may think that it's a better option to take the train.Especially at night,you should drive only on major roads.If you must use smaller roads,be careful.

They drive bright-yellow pickup trucks and can be summoned on main highways by using the SOS emergency phones located at the side of the road every kilometer or so.If you are not near one of these phones or are on a road that doesn't have them,you can contactÚAMK at tel.1230.This is a toll-free call.

By Train--Trains operated by the state-run Ceskédráhy,general train information for all stations,provide a good and less expensive alternative to driving.The fare is determined by how far you travel.A trip of 50km(31 miles)costs about 70Kc in second class and around 100Kc in first class.First class is not usually available,or needed,on shorter trips.