Prague Travel Guides,Drinking and nightlife in Prague

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  2. On Dec 14, 2017
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Following our Prague travel guides to find the drinking places and enjoy the nightlife in Prague.The best areas to go looking for good drinking dens include Vinohrady,Žižkov,Karlín,Holešovice,the area south of Národnítřída in NovéMěsto and the lanes around Old Town Square in StaréMěsto.

Prague Travel Guides

Drinking in Prague

Even in these times of encroaching coffee culture,pivo(beer)remains the lifeblood of Prague.Many people drink at least one glass of beer every day–local nicknames for beer include tekutýchleb(liquid bread)andživávoda(life-giving water)–and it’s still possible to see people stopping off for a small glass of beer on their way to work in the morning.And come the evening,beer reigns supreme.There's nothing Praguers enjoy more than getting together in a local bar and swapping stories over a pivo or two.Or three…


There are two main varieties of beer:světlé(light)and tmavy orčerné(dark).The světléis a pale amber or golden lager-style beer with a crisp,refreshing,hoppy flavour.Dark beers are sweeter and more full-bodied,with a rich,malty or fruity flavour.

Czechs like their beer served at cellar temperature(around 6°C to 10°C)with a tall,creamy head(known as pěna,meaning'foam').Americans and Australians may find it a bit warm,but this improves the flavour.Most draught beer is sold in půl-litr(0.5L)glasses;if you prefer a small beer,ask for a malépivo(0.3L).Some bars confuse the issue by using 0.4L glasses,while others offer a German-style 1L mug known as a tuplák.