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One of the great joys of the Prague city is its potential for exploration–neighbourhoods such as Vinohrady and Bubenečcan reward the urban adventurer with countless memorable cameos,from the setting sun glinting off church domes,to the strains of Dvořák wafting from an open window.Prague travel guides which about the children's playgrounds in Prague may help you find the right place to visit in Prague with your children.

Prague travel guides

Museum of Communism

The Museum of Communism is the foremost attraction of its kind in Prague,showing what life was like for Czech people,especially children,during the Soviet era.On display are original artifacts from the communist times,including pictures,reading materials and military objects.There is also a reconstructed school classroom.

Visitors can gain a better understanding of communism:the propaganda and oppression,but also the positive aspects such as the sense of community.

Franciscan Garden and Children's Playground

Franciscan Garden(Františkánskázahrada)is a well-tended public park near Wenceslas Square,originally the private garden of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows.