Prague Travel guides,Best Things to Do in Prague

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  2. On Dec 7, 2017
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Following our Prague travel guides to find the tips about the best things to Do in Prague as below.As one of the largest cities in Europe,Prague continues to be an important political,cultural,and commercial center,roles it has played for centuries as the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire.

Prague Travel guides

Prague Zoo

Opened in 1931,the superb Prague Zoo is not only one of the top attractions in the city,it also ranks among the world's top 10 zoological parks(based on visitor reviews).In the Troja suburbs just a short distance north of the city center,this 143-acre attraction is an especially fun outing for those traveling with kids.Along with its more than 4,800 animals representing some 700 species-including many considered close to extinction-the zoo is notable for its role in saving the native(and endangered)Przewalski's horse.Highlights include a chance to ride a chairlift with great views of many of the animal enclosures,a huge giraffe exhibit,the superb salamander display,and the steamy indoor tropical jungle.

Address:U trojského zámku 3/120,171 00 Praha 7