Prague Tourist Guide,Prague family vacations

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 11, 2017
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Prague family vacations with our Prague tourist guide.Although Prague is far from the first place to spring to mind for a family holiday,the capital of the Czech Republic promises an unforgettable break away with children.For parents who want a more cultural holiday and something different for your family,Prague holidays are a great choice.It’s only a 3 hour direct flight from the UK to Prague and a 2/3 day holiday works out cheaper and easier than a week in overcrowded beach resorts.

Prague Tourist Guide

Prague’s Parks and Gardens

The city of Prague has a number of excellent gardens and parks,many with playgrounds and rides for kids.The largest of Prague’s parks is Stromovka Park which has pretty streams,gardens and woods to explore together.The best outdoor area for children is at the top of Petrin Hill in the Mala Strana,which has fun gardens with fun-fair attractions including a mirror maze and a charming funicular railway.Down the hill,at Slav Island,you can hire pedal boats or rowing boats.Hiring our a vessel and exploring the River Vltava is a wonderful family activity–and a much more unforgettable experience than some of the over-priced ferry boats.

Prague Theatre for Children

Prague has lots of theatrical entertainment to offer children.Some of the more striking shows to see are performances at the Black Light Theatre.In this unique theatre all the shows are played out under a black light which creates bizarre and dreamlike quality to the performances.