Prague Sightseeing,Historic Squares in Prague

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 21, 2017
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Planning your Prague Chrismas holiday now?Prague sightseeing tips guide you find the historic squares in Prague.The most celebrated square in the city,Old Town Square(Staromestskénám.),is surrounded by baroque buildings and packed with colorful craftspeople,cafes,and entertainers.

Prague Sightseeing

In ancient days,the site was a major crossroads on central European merchant routes.In its center stands a memorial to Jan Hus,the 15th-century martyr who crusaded against Prague's German-dominated religious and political establishment.It was unveiled in 1915,on the 500th anniversary of Hus's execution.The monument's most compelling features are the dark asymmetry and fluidity of the figures.It has been in reconstruction since early 2007.Take metro line A to Staromestská.

Officially dedicated in 1990,Jan Palach Square(námestíJana Palacha),formerly known as Red Army Square,is named for a 21-year-old philosophy student who set himself on fire on the National Museum steps to protest the 1968 Communist invasion.An estimated 800,000 Praguers attended his funeral march from Staromestskénámestíto OlsanskéCemeteries.To get to the square,take metro line A to Staromestskáat the Old Town foot of Mánesuv Bridge.There is now a pleasant riverside park with benches.Charles University's philosophy department building is on this square;on the lower-left corner of the facade is a memorial to the martyred student:a replica of Palach's death mask.