Prague Local Guides,Traditional Meals in Prague

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 24, 2017
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If you did not travel to Prague to eat Italian food,you want traditional Czech cuisine in its best form,and you want it right now,just following our Prague local guides,to find the special traditional meals in Prague.

Prague Local Guides

Starters--Traditional Czech meals invariably start out with a soup,often beef or chicken broth or maybe something heartier like kulajda,a potato-mushroom cream soup,seasoned with dill and a shot of vinegar to make it slightly sour.The herb soups are often the most piquant part of the meal,but the meat-based broths,whether chicken or beef,are frequently served without filtering the heavy renderings.

Appetizers are often passed over to get to the main course,but traditional starters are likely to include salads,ham rolls,and sometimes imported dishes like beef carpaccio or smoked salmon.

Main Courses--No self-respecting Czech restaurant could open its doors without serving at least some version of the three national foods:vepro,knedlo,and zelo(pork,dumplings,and cabbage).The pork(veprovémaso)is usually a shoulder or brisket that is baked and lightly seasoned or breaded and fried like a schnitzel(rízek).Unlike German sauerkraut,the cabbage(zelí)is boiled with a light sugar sauce.The dumplings are light and spongy if made from flour and bread(houskovéknedlíky),or dense and pasty if made from flour and potatoes(bramborovéknedlíky).This"VKZ"combo cries out for an original Budweiser(Budvar),Kozel,or Pilsner Urquell beer to wash it down.