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  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 25, 2017
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Venturing outside of Prague requires more patience and flexibility than you'll need within the city,due to the lack of tourist conveniences and scarcer use of English.Prague guides by website tell you the information about the trips around Prague.

Prague Guides

For the adventurous,day trips to the surrounding countryside or longer excursions beyond can be surprising and rewarding.While Prague is well into its post-revolution reconstruction,many outlying provinces still groan under the decay of the former regime.But there are pockets of outstanding beauty,unique history,and eccentric pleasures that you can only experience by leaving the tourist bubble in the capital.

Prague has been blessed with golden spires,but the surrounding area is dotted with some of Europe's most beautiful castles,such as the majestic Karlstejn.Also spectacular are the impregnable CeskýSternberk,the hunting lodge of Konopiste,and the interior of Krivoklát.The castle at Orlík overlooking the wide expanse of the Vltava may be the nicest of them all.As much as these sites testify to the country's beauty,there are also monuments that reflect its suffering.Witness the remains of the village of Lidice,which was leveled by the Nazis in a reprisal attack during World War II;and Terezín(Theresienstadt in German),the"model"Jewish ghetto,the so-called Paradise Ghetto,where a cruel trick duped the world and left tens of thousands to die.Also worth exploring is the medieval mining town of KutnáHora(with the macabre"Bone Church"a mile away in Sedlec).