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  2. On Dec 24, 2017
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Here’s a list of famous people who ever effected the history in Prague and their stroies.Our Prague guides,bring you into the locan life,and to study them and enjoy their story may enrich your holiday there with your children.

Prague Guides

Famous Czechs

Princess Libuse(pre-9th c.)--Fabled mother of Bohemia.Legend holds that the clairvoyant Libuse,the daughter of Bohemian philosopher Krok,stood on a cliff on Vysehrad Hill looking over the Vltava and foretold that on this land a great city would stand.She and Prince Premysl Orác declared the first Bohemian state,launching the Premyslid dynasty,which lasted from the 10th to the 12th century.

St.Wenceslas(SvatýVáclav;ca.907-35)--Patron saint of Bohemia.Prince Wenceslas was executed at the site of the present-day city of StaráBoleslav--on the orders of his younger brother,Boleslav,who took over the Bohemian throne.A popular cult arose proclaiming the affable and learned Prince Wenceslas as the perpetual spiritual ruler of all Czechs.A statue at the top of the square,depicting the horse-mounted warrior,was erected in 1912.