Prague Family Holiday and Breaks Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 11, 2017
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The Prague is great for people who are not interested to spend a fortune but still appreciate to get cleanliness,calmness and proximity to transportation,restaurants and bars-all is just around the corner.Following our Prague family holiday and breaks guide to travel around there.

Prague Family Holiday and Breaks Guide

The Lennon Wall

Perhaps one of Eastern Europe's most unlikely attractions,Prague's Lennon Wall has stood since the 1980s as a tribute to former Beatle and peace campaigner John Lennon.Things got started almost immediately after the singer's murder in 1980 when this otherwise unassuming wall near the Charles Bridge became a place for fans to demonstrate their grief,painting pictures and slogans attributed to the star.

Despite police efforts to erase the graffiti(Czechoslovakia,as it was then,was still under communist rule),the memorial wall kept reappearing and,along with Lennon's lyrics,the site became a symbol of hope and peace for the city's population.The tradition continues to this day,and along with gatherings on the anniversary of Lennon's death,tourists can frequently be observed adding their sentiments to the wall.

Address:Velkopřevorskénáměstí,100 00 Praha 1