Prague city guides,The Art of Prague's Architecture

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Just follow us to learn the Prague city guides,to enjoy the art of Prague's architecture.Prague's long history,combined with its good fortune in having avoided heavy war damage,makes it wonderful for architecture lovers.Along with the standard must-see castles and palaces comes a bountiful mixture of styles and periods.Buildings and monuments from the Middle Ages to the present are interspersed with one another throughout the city.

Prague city guides

The best examples of Romanesque architecture are parts of Prague Castle,including St.George's Basilica.In StaréMesto you'll see the best examples of the 3-century Gothic period:the Convent of St.Agnes,Na Frantisku;the Old-New Synagogue,Parízskátrída;Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock,Staromestskénámestí;Powder Tower,Celetnáulice;and Charles Bridge.A few Renaissance buildings still stand,including Golden Lane,MaláStrana Town Hall,and Pinkas Synagogue(Sirokáulice)in StaréMesto.

Many of Prague's best-known structures are pure baroque and rococo,enduring styles that reigned in the 17th and 18th centuries.Buildings on Staromestskénámestíand Nerudova Street date from this period,as does St.Nicholas Church,Malostranskénámestí,in MaláStrana,and the Loreto Palace,Loretánskénámestí,in Hradcany.

Renaissance styles made a comeback in the late 19th century.Two neo-Renaissance buildings in particular--the National Theater,Národnítrída,and the National Museum,Václavskénámestí,both in Prague 1,have endured and are among Prague's most identifiable landmarks.