Popular Travel with Children guide in Barcelona

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 21, 2017
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When the Summer Olympics rolled into Barcelona in 1992,everything changed.Buoyed by the influx of interest and investment that the Games bring,the city’s urban landscape was transformed,and displayed proudly for the world to see.The Catalonian capital has since become one of European tourism’s strongest pulls,with over eight million people paying a visit each year.Popular travel with children guide in Barcelona.

Barcelona tours

Kid-friendly museums

Of the city’s museums,the ones most likely to capture children’s imagination are the Museu Marìtim,with its old ships and cool audiovisual displays;the deliciously hands-on shrine to all things chocolatey,Museu de la Xocolata;the enjoyably creepy wax figures of the Museu de Cera(waxworks);and the interactive CosmoCaixa,a mecca for knob-twiddling kids of all ages.CaixaForum,a contemporary arts space,makes life easy for parents by accompanying its exhibitions with children’s workshops.

All the fun of the fair

Head to Parc d’Atraccions on Tibidabo for an endearingly old-fashioned ferris wheel ride.Too tame for your little hellraisers?Scare the willies out of'em(and yourself)in the park's Hotel Kruger horror house,complete with ghouls and ghosties leaping out at you from the darkness.

Make a splash

You will be rewarded with squeals of delight at one of the city’s pools,such as Club NatacióAtlètic-Barcelona,the Piscines Bernat Martorell,or any of the pleasant sandy beaches stretching northeast from the Port Olímpic marina.