Popular Times to Visit London, Key Events During The Popular Months

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 11, 2017
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When's the popular times to visit London?What about the key events during the popular months?No matter when you travel,you should pack an umbrella:London is notorious for experiencing misty days and showers year-round.Another thing to keep in mind:it's nearly impossible to escape crowds in London.Along with being one of the biggest cities in Europe,it is one of the most popular destinations to visit in the world,so no matter what time of year you go,you're bound to run into lots of tourists.

Popular Times to Visit London

March-May Key Events:

St Patrick's Day Festival and Parade(March)

Cancer Research UK Boat Races(March)

Virgin Money London Marathon(April)

Museums at Night(May)

RHS Chelsea Flower Show(May)

State Opening of Parliament(May)

The earlier you visit in spring,the more likely you'll run into slightly smaller crowds.While fall and winter can be especially rainy,and summer can get a bit muggy,spring in London enjoys a happy medium,with average temperatures hovering between the 50s and 60s.

September-November Key Events:

Museums at Night(October)

Guy Fawkes Night(November)

The Lord Mayor's Show(November)

The photogenic autumn foliage also doesn't hurt either.If you're looking to really sink your teeth into the culture,however,this is the best time to visit.These month's annual events,especially Guy Fawkes Night,are celebrations deeply rooted in not only London but England's history.